Onehunga Toastmasters offers a terrific opportunity to improve both your speaking skills and your confidence in dealing with a variety of situations. 

Toastmasters gives you the opportunity to learn how to speak in public in a mutually supportive atmosphere.

By involving yourself in Toastmasters, you can realize dramatic improvements in many areas of your life.

  • At work, your communication with your employer, associates, and subordinates will become more effective and productive. You will learn how to conduct meetings effectively and hone listening skills.
  • Toastmasters provides opportunities to work on leadership skills, planning and organisation skills.
  • At home, interactions with family and friends will be easier, more enjoyable and more fulfilling.
  • In your community, you will become more effective in getting things said, planned, and done.

Through your membership, you will have opportunities to:

  •  Acquire and practice techniques of effective public speaking.
  • Prepare and present formal speeches on subjects of your choosing.
  • Deliver impromptu talks on assigned topics.
  • Gain speaking experience that relates to specific career needs.
  • Sharpen your listening/evaluation skills.
  • Learn proper parliamentary procedure.
  • Preside as a meeting chairman.
  • Accumulate valuable leadership management experience.
  • Develop personal confidence that will help when speaking to one person or one thousand.

What does it cost?

  • Membership of Onehunga Toastmasters is surprisingly easy on the pocket.
  • A cursory search on the internet will return countless sites that offer short courses in public speaking, or confidence building, or presentation skills.
  • But what do those courses offer, and how much do they cost?

Sure, you can get short courses, but what long-lasting effect do they have? We know that the Toastmasters experience produces enduring results, when a member makes a long-term commitment to the Club. This is because the learning experience is continuous – and as such, is more readily absorbed. This in turn leads to internal change, increased self-awareness and personal growth.

Onehunga Toastmasters Club, like all Toastmasters Clubs world-wide, is a non-profit organisation. The membership fee works out to less than $10.00 per meeting. Fees are payable every six months, in April and September.

There is a one-off joining fee of $45.00 that covers the cost of the Competent Communicator, and Competent Leader manuals, and life-time registration with Toastmasters International. Membership fees ($125.00 every six months) cover the hire of the room, refreshments, photocopying, postage and other administrative costs.

Calculated on a per-meeting basis, membership of Onehunga Toastmasters costs the same as a couple of lattés a week! Where else do you get an Internationally–recognised ongoing education, in a spirit of fun and fellowship, at that price?

What do I get for my membership fee?

As a new member you will receive a new member’s pack containing:

  • The Toastmasters Training Programme, which comprises two professionally produced manuals
  • A member’s handbook published by the Club
  • A couple of “How to Speak” booklets to get you going.

There is no additional cost to attend meetings, and you will be enrolled in our Club speaking development programme. You set your own pace for preparing for and completing the first 10 speeches. We will provide all the support and guidance you need to develop your speaking skills, either with a mentor to work with or just when you feel you need help. You will also receive — monthly — “The Toastmaster”, the official magazine of Toastmasters International.

Come along to a meeting and see for yourself. Contact us for more detail.